My smoker Friend!

By | February 14, 2016

He created rings with every puff,

Everyone, cheered in joy,

The way he blew the smoke into the air,

Made everyone hoot.

It was all for fun,

No harm intended,

Soon the fun, became,

A stress buster, a habit.

Now people call him a smoker,

He burns his lungs everyday.

People, no more cheer,

Instead shout out in fear.

Now he can barely breathe,

let alone make the rings.

Coughing his lungs out heavily,

Sure, not in style.

It all started with a no,

Soon turning into a yes,

And a habit, turning,


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12 thoughts on “My smoker Friend!

  1. Archie

    sigh… that’s how it always happens…
    this made for a great read Rashmi ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Rashmi Post author

      Thanks Archana. I believe anything done again and again becomes a habit,good or bad. We should always have a keen watch on our own actions. Have a great weekend:)


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