DIY: Framed Kitchen Chalkboard

By | February 15, 2016

DIY Framed Kitchen Chalkboard

Reusing has been one of my very strong mantras in life. Reusing also makes you get rid of the clutter by making use of them in a different way. I always wanted to have a Framed Kitchen Chalkboard that I can put in my Dining Room, so I decided to buy one. They seemed to be a bit pricey. That’s when I decided to make one for myself.It’s an easy DIY. I made it by reusing an old mirror. Its the same mirror present in one of the snaps of my previous post related to Warli art

You can use it as a vision board, Kitchen menu Board, write quotes and much more. Use the slider below to view the before and after photos.

Materials used:

1Old mirror
2Chalkboard Paint
3Paint Sponge Brush
4Cellophane tape or Scotch tape
5Chalk pieces

Step 1
Wipe the mirror cleanly with wet paper towel and then with dry paper towel.

Clean the mirror with a Paper towel.

Clean the mirror with a Paper towel.

Step 2
Once it is clean, tape the frame or the borders with scotch tape so that when u start painting, the paint does not get onto the frame. Make sure before you paint.

Tape the frame or borders with scotch tape.

Step 3
Start painting with chalkboard paint in a vertical direction within the taped area with paint sponge brush. After each coat, wait for 1 hour before you paint the second coat. Apply two coats in vertical direction.

Start painting with chalkboard paint in a vertical direction.

Step 4
After two coats in vertical direction now paint another coat in horizontal direction.

Step 5
For best results, let the chalkboard paint cure for 3 days. Prior to the initial use rub the entire surface with chalk piece.

Framed Kitchen Chalkboard.

Enjoy the framed chalkboard. I use it as a Kitchen menu board:)

Happy chalking! 🙂

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