DIY : Terrapot with patterns

By | February 17, 2016

Name:Terra pot with patterns

Introduction: In India,Tulsi or Basil is considered as the most sacred plant and also considered auspicious.So almost every house in India has Tulsi or Basil plant. The medicinal property of Tulsi also makes it an important reason to have it at home.

Here, in the USA when I first bought my Terra pot for my Tulsi plant, I was all excited cause it was my first Terra pot and that I was going to plant my first Tulsi plant. I always like to personalize my stuff. It can be the smallest like a book marker to something big like a painting, I like everything to be personalized. So when I first got the Terra pot it seemed kinda boring:), come on there is predominantly only one color and absolutely nothing exciting. So I thought I should add some color. But since it was for my auspicious Tulsi plant, I did not want that earthy brown color to be just gone, so I decided to go with white:). White represents purity, and it was an amazing contrast for the existing color.

So keeping the earthiness intact I made some beautiful patterns on the pot as a border, all along the pot and also the drew the sacred Ashtadala padma with white paint.

Materials Needed

Sl. NoMaterials
1Terra pot-1 medium size(any size,remember it depends on your comfort level.If you can paint some small miniature pots,go ahead give a try)
2White acrylic paint
3Small artist paint brush
4Some newspapers to work(so that you don’t drip paint on the floor)
5Clear water based spray acrylic paint
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Terrrapot with Ashtadala

closer look at the borders of the Terrapot

Step 1
Decide on the pattern before starting to paint. Clean the surface of the pot with a paper towel. Then start painting the pattern on to your pot with a small artist paint brush(number zero brush). I have some easy ones below for reference.

Some simple Border and Ashtadala Padma.

Step 2
Let it dry overnight.

Step 3
Finally spray the clear acrylic to protect the pattern what you have painted.

Enjoy:)Happy Planting:)

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