Acrylic Painting: ‘Hear me out’

By | March 13, 2016

This was an Acrylic painting I did for my friend as a gift on the occasion of her moving into a New house. This happens to be, the first ever Buddha painting, I painted. Why Buddha? Because, my friend always wanted a Buddha idol or painting at her place.

Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out

When i started this painting I just wanted to paint something which does show Buddha(the god), at the same time incorporate some of the teachings. I have always believed that Nature is the visible God, it teaches you how to lead your Life, in the right way. I am awestruck with how Nature heals itself without anyone’s help. In this painting the Water, the Tree and the Lotus all represent Nature. Nature has always been giving and always teaches us the way we should live one with them but we tend to ignore. A very important lesson in life is ‘Giving’ and Nature screams it out loud. (Actions Speak louder than words’!)

The Tree: Branching out your knowledge and helping the human race with the knowledge gained just like the tree growing and yielding fruits.

The Lotus: Lotus flower grows out of a place covered with mud and blossoms above the muddy water surface. In the same way we can rise above our befoulments and sufferings in Life.

The Water: Water symbolizes the qualities calmness,clarity, purity with our body, mind and soul. The qualities most necessary to have a balanced life.

The Buddha: Buddha has been painted with a lot of shades just to symbolize the different human races and their co-existence.Thus symbolizing peaceful existence with one another, Animals and Nature.

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Happy Painting!

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