Tips for the Holi season

By | March 25, 2016

Yayy! Its time for colors. One of my favorite holidays in the Indian calendar. Holi is a Spring festival in India. I am from Bangalore, Karnataka and in Karnataka during this time, children collect money and wood prior and on Kamadahana night put together and light it.The people from North karnataka celebrate by preparing special food on this day.

Tomorrow I will be attending such a party. Holi party with music, colors and food. Holi however is all fun, but the consequences of playing them are adverse. You end up having dry hair and skin. So here are a few tips I follow to avoid the aftermath of playing Holi.

Jeevan / Pixabay

Tips for the Holi season

  1. Make sure not to do a lot of makeup. My mantra is just Mascara and lots of lip balm.
  2. Oil hair from root to tip so that washing off the color becomes easy and try to tie your hair, preferably into a plait.
  3. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair . Usually the hair becomes dry after playing Holi, so using curd, moisturizes hair and helps in removing the color easily.
  4. Apply lot of sunscreen so that washing off the color from body becomes easy and you get protection from sun.
  5. You can wash your face with curds and lukewarm water. Do not use lemon directly on the skin because it increases pigmentation.
  6. If there are any rashes after playing in Holi, clean the area with water and apply aloe vera pulp on the affected area. This reduces rash and burning.

Try to use natural colors which are chemical free.Have fun and safe Holi.
Happy Holi! 🙂 Bura na mano, Holi hai:)


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