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By | March 28, 2016

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‘There is one part of the world which is Imaginary, Secretive and Mysterious, just like the Undiscovered and Untold truth of our Souls’.

Very true! There is a certain part in all of us which we keep to ourselves, we hide it from others and we nurture it alone. The reason why we do it are many. More than the reasons why we hide, the point what we hide becomes important and from whom. Sometimes we hide ourselves from discovering it, probably because we have no spine to face them. Sometimes we are scared about the so called “Society”. And sometimes we think we become vulnerable by sharing those.

There may be the one part of you who just wants to travel, the part of you who wants to give up his/her job and start writing, part of you who wants to follow his/her passion of cooking, and probably that part of you who wants to just be single. It can be anything, starting from what you want to do, to what u think and precept, to what u behave and enact.

There are a set of people who have tried to hide and have accepted the usual SOCIAL NORMS made by someone, for whom living a life with security was the WAY OF LIFE. And some people don’t even try to discover what they want and just time in and out, they follow what everyone does, thinks and talks. There is something which is magical, cynical and probably the most emotional part of ours which we hide from others and probably we hide it for a zillion reasons.

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There is a very interesting part or I may say, the other way of looking at it, probably the way I do. Sharing what u think always to the world is probably not so important but having an opinion of your own, which may or may not be with the crowd, is very important. I hide it too, most of my thoughts get onto my blog, or into my diaries. But what’s important is they can remain to be undiscovered and untold to the world but not to yourself.

So today, take some time off, sit back, relax, discover that part of yours which has been hid and those truths of your soul which remain to be untold. Respect and accept yourself for what you feel, think or do. I just did and it feels “GREAT”.


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