Simple DIY home decor for Nursery Room

By | March 29, 2016

I love elephants. I know,I know you may be thinking am a little weird but I do love them, I am obsessed with them. Trust me you can find me wearing a top with elephant prints, a journal  which I carry around with elephant print and much more. So the other day, I happened to go to a toy store to pick a gift for a young girl for her birthday. And then I happened to walk into the nursery section.They have a variety of products for the new born. And the home decor, OMG don’t get me started wit it. Nursery home decor is pretty costly.

So I thought of doing a project something simple yet pretty for the room. You can make this home decor using Scrap booking paper, some Card stock paper and thread. Very simple yet beautiful for your Nursery room.

Simple Wall Hanging for Nursery Room.

Simple Wall Hanging for Nursery Room.

Materials Needed

Sl. NoMaterials
1Card stock Paper
2Scrap booking Paper (Try to choose light greens, blues and pinks)
Materials required

Materials required

Step 1
Draw an Elephant on card stock paper using Pencil. You can also use a stencil or trace it out . I have drawn totally 8 elephants to make two wall hangings. I stuck one card stock paper to another to make it kinda thick. I stuck two card stocks to one another.

Step 2
Now cut them using scissors.

Step 3
Stick the cut card stock to the scrap booking papers you have bought from the store with glue. and then cut them out again.

Step 4
Stick the thread using a scotch tape to the elephants.

Simple Wall Hanging for Nursery Room.

Simple Wall Hanging for Nursery Room.

There you go! You have this wonderful wall hanging for your Nursery room. Hang them near the  baby crib or in the corner of a window. They just look lovely.They are not expensive at all and you have a satisfaction that you did something handmade for your kid’s room.

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Enjoy !
Happy Crafting!


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