Acrylic painting: “The Buddha in Me”

By | June 3, 2016

The Buddha in Me

This is an Acrylic painting done by me on a stretched canvas. The name of the painting is “the Buddha in me”. This painting depicts that there is Buddha/ the positive energy in other words God in all of us.

So here I have painted the half face of the Buddha in me. Just like head and tail are 2 sides of a same coin. Truth and Lie, Love and Hate, Life and Death also coexist together. So here I am trying to depict the Buddha which resembles the Truth, Life, Love, Goodness, Compassion, and everything beautiful in me.

I believe that certain part of goodness coexists with all that is negativity in us. So seeing the goodness hung on my wall makes me think good and be good.

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Happy Painting!

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