Reusing Beer bottle with Chalkboard Paint

By | June 7, 2016

Reusing has been one of my very strong mantras in life. Reusing also makes you get rid of the clutter by making use of them in different ways. Beer and wine bottles after a party are just thrown away, Instead you can reuse them in different ways.In this post I will be explaining how you can reuse a beer bottle with chalkboard paint.Chalkboard paint is an interesting medium to work with. It can transfer any surface as in wood,metal,glass in to a chalk board to write on.

You can write messages,use it as a vision board,write beautiful everyday thoughts and much more.

Enjoy chalking:)
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DIY Reusing beer bottle with chalkboard paint
Materials used:

    • Chalkboard paint:Black
    • Painting brush
    • Chalk/Chalk marker


Step 1: Clean the surface of the bottle.If there are stickers on the beer bottle, that can be removed by immersing the bottle in hot water for at least 5 minutes, and then slowly scrubbing of the paper with a scrubber.

Step 2: After the bottle dries, wipe it again, to get rid of any residues. Now take your painting brush(any number brush) and start painting.There is no need of priming the surface.Try to paint in one direction(up to down/from down to up).

Step 3: Let the first coat dry for an hour .Then apply the second coat and let it dry.

Step 4: Let it cure overnight.For better results let it cure for 3 days.

Step 5: Use a chalk and rub it all over the surface and then wipe it with a dry cloth.Now u can start using it.You can erase it by using a damp tissue.

Happy chalking!:)

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