Nagara Chauthi and Panchami 2016

By | August 7, 2016

I stay in Seattle,USA and this is my way of staying connected to my roots and in fact I enjoy, celebrating these festivals. It brings memories untold from your motherland.:) I am making a record of these, for people who wish to celebrate and stay connected with their roots. For this festival I had carried the silver Nagappa idol while coming from India.

Nagara Chauthi is celebrated on the fourth day of the Hindu month Shravana and this day is dedicated to Snake God.This year (2016) this festival was on 6th of August.On this day women and men take oil head bath and do pooja to snake carved out of stone, Havina Hutta, Silver Nagappa idol, or an ant hill. Women on this day pray for the prosperity and welfare of their brothers and family.

Soaked Bengal gram(Kala channa)
Gejje vastra/Cotton Garland
Harshina kumkum/Turmeric and Vermillion powder
Fruits for offering

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Observing Nagar Chauthi festival:

Decorate your front door with Nagar Rangoli.
Clean your Pooja room or Shrine, and put Rangoli.
Now arrange all the required items mentioned in the list.
On a silver plate or a Pooja plate place the silver Nagappa idol.
After lighting the lamps, offer raw milk, Gejjevastra, Turmeric powder and Vermillion powder, Flowers and soaked Bengal gram.
In North karnataka, people also offer Tamarind, Salt and Aralu(puffed rice)
Offer fruits, Yellina Chigali and Akki Tambittu.On this day Yellina Chigali and Akki Tambittu is prepared as Naivedya. The yellu and akki used for preparing these dishes have to be raw, neither roasted nor cooked.


Nagar Panchami: The next day that is August 7th marks the Nagar Panchami festival. Women and men on this day take oil head bath and perform the pooja to the snake god carved out of stone, havina hutta, silver Nagappa idol or to an ant hill. Observing the Nagar Panchami festival is same as Nagar Chauthi. Some people celebrate on both the days and some people celebrate it only on Nagar Panchami day.
Deep fried items are not prepared on this day. Kuchhida kadabu,Halbai are prepared on this day.

Perform an Aarthi and pray for the prosperity and welfare of your brothers and your family.

Happy Worshiping!

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