Varamahalakshmi Vratha

By | August 12, 2016

I stay in Seattle, USA and this is my way of staying connected to my roots and in fact I enjoy, celebrating these festivals. It brings memories untold from your motherland.:) I am making a record of these, for people who wish to celebrate and stay connected with their roots.

Sarva Mangala Mangalye
Shive sarvartha sadhike
Sharanye hriambike Devi
Narayani Namostuthe.

The above shloka is in the praise of Godess Lakshmi. Vara Mahalakshmi Vratha this year falls on 12th August. This falls on the Hindu month of Shravana, on Friday just before full moon day. This festival is celebrated in Karnataka, Andhrapradesh, Tamilnadu and some parts of Orissa and Maharashtra.Observing this Vratha women believe that it brings prosperity.

Not all families follow this Vratha only some families do. Here I will be posting the procedure of the Vratha, however it’s not observed in my In-laws place.

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Observing Varamahalakshmi Vratha:
In the morning women take oil bath and dress in a traditional attire and jewelry.

Clean the shrine and decorate with Rangoli.

Tie Banana stems on either side of the pedestal.

On pedestal draw Padma with 8 leaves and spread rice over this. Check out this tutorial to see as to how to draw the ashtadala Padma DIY : Terrapot with patterns

Items to be put inside the Kalasha are 5 measures of rice, 5 fruits(lemon, dates, raisins, guava, almonda) turmeric root and vermillion powder, betel leaf, betel nut, bichhole/small black bangles with black beads tied to it.

Smear the coconut with turmeric and apply Kumkum.

Keep this over the rice and the plate on the Rangoli.

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Do pooja with flowers, fruits and all the Mangaladrowya Samanu.

Dip 12 strings of thread in turmeric paste and tie 12 knots of thread and place it on two betel leaves with betel nut and fruit and perform pooja.

Prepare festival food like Holige, Payasa, Kosambri, Palya, Puliyogre, Tovve and offer to god as Naivedya.

After Aarthi husband ties the thread on to the right wrist of his wife.

Observing this Vratha women believe that it brings prosperity.
Happy Worshiping!

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