Making of Ganesha idol using Crayola Air Dry Clay

By | August 29, 2016

I was born and brought up in Bengaluru, India. I stayed in India for 25 years. Memories of Ganesha Chaturthi and other festivals have been a part of me since then. Memories of accompanying dad, in getting the Clay/pop Ganesha idol home, decorating it with flowers and all the yummy sweets on the festival day, all of these are etched deep.

When I moved to USA, these celebrations were something I knew I would miss. These festival days were difficult as you miss your home, the celebrations, friends and food. But soon had to find a way, couldn’t afford to be sad on these days.

So the search started, for the first thing you need, if you have to celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi, the idol. Well I did find a lot of Idols, some were big, some were spray painted, some had their faces crooked, so on and so forth. None of those made me feel that I should take them home. So that’s when I decided to sculpt my own Ganesha Idol for the festival.

Then the search for clay started, I knew I had to find air dry clay for it, cause we had no oven to bake and we had to immerse Lord Ganesha in water, after festival. That’s when I found Crayola Air dry Clay which I have used to sculpt these Ganesha idols since then, every year.

My take on Crayola Air Dry Clay
Product Name: Crayola Air Dry Clay, 2.5lb
Store: Wal-Mart
Price: 5.99$

First appearance: It comes in a small bucket kinda box and is around 2.5lb. It wasn’t overpriced, looked reasonable. At first I thought it might be of less quantity but then I realised it was a good amount of clay for a beginner to sculpt the idol. You get this clay in two colors white and terracotta. I have used white mostly but this year want to get terracotta.

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My experience with the clay:
No baking is required. It dries hard and is non toxic as mentioned on the label.The clay dries to give a smooth finish. It’s easy to knead and mold. Softens easily with water. It is smoother, finer and less stickier than natural clay. It cleans off easy from your hands and fingers. Water colors and acrylics can be used to paint the idol. I used acrylic once and water the next time. Have used this clay to sculpt  idols, small sculptures and golu dolls. Here are some of the idols I prepared for Ganesha festival.


First ever Ganesha idol I made using Crayola air dry clay, was for Ganesh Chaturthi in 2014!

First ever Ganesha idol I made using Crayola air dry clay, was for Ganesha Chaturthi in 2014!

Ganesh Idol for the festival in 2015 using Crayola Air Dry Clay!

Ganesha Idol for the festival in 2015 using Crayola Air Dry Clay!

This is a Seahawks inspired Ganesha idol for my husband's workdesk.

This is a Seahawks inspired Ganesha idol for my husband’s work desk.

So this year, if you want to sculpt your own idol, you know the material you should use. Satisfaction in sculpting your own idol has been immense. I hope it brings the same joy and satisfaction to all of you.

Happy Sculpting!


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6 thoughts on “Making of Ganesha idol using Crayola Air Dry Clay

  1. Ginger

    Is this biodegradable so we can spread the melted clay in garden after immersion?

  2. Moni

    Any idea how many days it took to completely soluble the idol in water?

    1. Rashmi Post author

      Hi, it depends on the size of your Ganesha but I would say a small sized bappa took at least 15 days for me to dissolve.


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