Room with a View

By | September 8, 2016

Alas have found my solace. In what?,Certainly in writing. I m mostly in my room stuck up scribbling, fumbling and some times nibbling.

Its morning 5 and you can see that the lights of my room are still on. Probably you may wonder that I am an early bird, which I am and don’t disagree but Β the half sipped hot milk in the black mug on my red desk, my undone hair falling all over my face, my clean unused bed with the pillows in place and the headphones buzzing with the Animal song from Salvage Garden suggests something else.
'Room with a View' !!

‘Room with a View’ !!

Oh yes!! I haven’t slept, have been insomniac all night, not because I dint get sleep but because of a thought.The thought as to what makes anyone happy! Is it money, love, success,what is it? What comforts them? Is it the time when they are in love, when they have money or when they are successful?
It’s been raining all night like cats and dogs and since I live in a community away from Downtown, once its dark and starts raining I get to see only few people walking around.
It started to rain around 8, in the evening yesterday and continued till midnight non-stop.
But in the mid-night when the rain stopped and I gazed through my window of my room, the skies cleared showing up the moon. The dark night had its impact, though darkness is always creepy that day the sky looked beautifully magical. The stars around the moon here and there shining or probably talking to each other.The moon was the vivid listener.The fresh smell of mud and the cool breeze splashing on my face lightened me up.
As I gazed, a sense of happiness, comfort to my eyes and a sense of awareness about appreciating the nature around you crept into me.It took me, a solid two and a half hot mug of coffees all night ,and the beautiful view, to make me realize, happiness was in the smallest of things, just like that one hot mug of coffee in a rainy day, getting a place to sit when you are shopping with your wife, the joy of wearing your dry pants directly from the washing machine, the smell of the mud after a heavy rain, the walk with your loved one, the first time you swam and probably many more.
‘So guys appreciate those little things which make you happy and for me, my room ,my laptop, the hot milk mug and my scribbles get me solace’.

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