Story of You and Me

By | September 12, 2016
JoeSang / Pixabay

JoeSang / Pixabay

The story of you and me started five years back in 2011 when we met each other for the first time near our college. I still remember the first meet, and the consecutive meets there after. That day, it was raining “cats and dogs” and I was waiting in the bus stop after work, half drenched, in a green dress, holding my favorite blue umbrella, waiting for the usual bus to get back home and saw you for the first time. U were weird, almost fully drenched, actually dancing or I may say turning round and round in rain.You came and stood beside me, all drenched.

We hopped, coincidentally into the same bus. Since there wasn’t any seats vacant, we guys stood, and as usual by the time I could close my umbrella, the bus started to move,and it became difficult, the ice broke, and we talked.

You: Need a hand?

Me:  With a smile on my face I nodded my head.(Thoughts running at the back of my mind, Wow what a voice!)

You: There you go! (with a smile you handed over the umbrella to me after closing it)

Me: (whispered) Thank you!

You: It’s a nice weather outside. Isn’t it?

Me: Oh yes! Certainly it is! (Back of my mind, why is he talking to me? Girl, stop don’t talk to strangers)

You: You think I am weird? Right?

You: You did think, when I was dancing in rain?

Me: (rudely) See I don’t talk to strangers so please stop talking to me. You helped me and I have told thanks! That’s the end of conversation.

You: (eye brows came close, as in, irritated) OK.

Me: (After a while I said softly) Sorry! Was rude but I don’t know you, so didn’t want to talk any further.

You: (with a smile)That’s OK.

Me: (with a laugh) I did think, that you were weird and crazy.

You: This is the season of first Rain!. Have you ever felt those raindrops on your face? After a long day’s work, you are tired, the traffic is bad, boss is irritating, salary is low, absolutely zero motivation in life and no reason to be happy and suddenly there comes the rain, the rain drops are like blessings from the god above, they touch your face, then they touch your soul.
It’s like as if they are falling only for you.They cool the earth,clear off our dirty roads,cause some traffic jams,so that we get to talk.(smiles) Coffee tastes best, during the rain and the refreshing smell of the mud, (moaning Hmmmm) “the best”. Heaven is right here.

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Me:  (OMG how much does this person talk, smiling reluctantly) Yes!

You:  (with a smile)OK, have a great evening!.

You got down and I continued travelling, it was still raining outside and you got down with no umbrella, ready to get drenched. I saw you from the window, you were happy like a free soul. For the next fifteen minutes, the words, what you spoke were playing roller coaster ride in my mind. How can anyone dance in rain? Will i ever do it? For me it looked foolish and dumb. By the time I got down I had put a STOP to the roller coaster ride running across my mind. I got down, all set to open the umbrella. I tried real hard to open it, but all in vain.

By then, the rain drops had made their way onto my face and as said, to my soul. I felt a sense of comfort, and happiness within me.This rain surely had the magic, it made me feel light and made me feel I am alive. I never danced, but I did feel the heaven for some time!

Enjoy! Rainy days are back in Seattle!

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