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Dasara is around the corner. How are you guys decking up? After coming to USA, had missed celebrating this festival. I have these fond memories of my mom celebrating this festival by placing dolls, and preparing sweets and savouries for 10 days. But after coming to USA,I had no option of celebrating this festival, golu dolls were pretty costly to purchase online, this motivated me to make my own golu dolls.

Handmade Golu Dolls

Handmade Golu Dolls

Few links on how I made my own dolls:
Handmade Golu Dollls
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Dasara or Navrathri is the Nada habba of Karnataka State in India. Mysore adorns beautifully on these 10 days. This year its starts on October 1st 2016 and ends on 11th October 2016.The 10th day i.e.11th October,Vijayadashami marks the end of the festival.On this day Goddess Durga won the battle against the demons or asuras after fighting for 9 days.

Observing Dasara festival:
Clean your Pooja room and decorate it with Rangoli patterns. Keep the golu stand usually its consists of steps in odd number like 3,5,7.

Now keep kalasha in front of the Raja and Rani rosewood dolls which are kept on the top most step. For kalasha take a small silver or copper vessel filled with water and betel leaves arranged over it. Arrange the dolls and Kalasha on the first day of Dasara.

Light lamps in front of the Kalasha and dolls.

The main dolls of the festival are a pair depicting a husband and a wife(raja ,Rani rosewood dolls. They are referred to as Pattada Gombe. This set of main dolls is handed over to a daughter by her parents during her marriage ceremony to start her own family and continue with the tradition of the festival.

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Depending on the steps the arrangement of dolls can be modified as there is no hard and fast rule, however
The first tier/step has the Raja, Rani dolls with god and goddesses miniatures.
The next tier/step has demi gods, great saints and kings.
The next tier/step is dedicated to festivals and celebrations and special occasions
The next tier/step represents the everyday life of a human being.
The last tier/step represents the evolution of mankind.

Dasara Golu 2015

In the evening for all the 10 days special Aarthi is performed and sweets and savouries are distributed among kids, neighbours and family members as Ggombe Bagana.

On Sapthami, the seventh day of Navrathri marks Saraswathi pooja.On this day the goddess of learning is worshipped with special offerings like Usli and Yeriyappa, a sweet dish.Books, pens and musical instruments are worshipped on this day.

Saraswathi Pooja 2015

The next day marks ashtami, Durgashtami. The next day marks Mahanavami or Ayudha pooja day.On this day vehicles and weapons are worshipped.

The 10th day marks the Day of Vijayadashami. On this day people from North Karnataka exchange Banni leaves and greet everyone.

On this day all the dolls are made to lie down or sleep and removed on the next day and packed safely and kept for the next year. I hope, all of you have the required information to celebrate this festival. Happy Golu arranging.

Happy Celebrating!

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