Story of You and Me- Genie in the Bottle

By | October 2, 2016

This is the second Story in You and me series. You and me series will basically have different stories where there will be a character named you and a character named me. Have fun reading!

Its the starting of Autumn here in Seattle and you heart jumps to have those few last walks before winter begins and that’s what I did, had a refreshing walk along the Alki Beach in Seattle. The view of the concrete jungle-“the Downtown” from Alki beach has a total different dimension. You look from far, the place you work, you slog and where your sweat turns into bread and much more. With all these feelings,striking my head on the way back, I found a Genie, in the bottle!! I know I know, I see a very big exclamatory mark on your face, but frankly I did. I saw a fine wine bottle inside which I found the Genie.

Sky Line fro Alki Beach, Seattle

Sky Line from Alki Beach, Seattle

Seas and oceans have always hid the biggest of secrets within themselves and probably this was one of them. A bottle had surfaced on the banks, and I could see, it was kinda old, probably a year or two or may be even three. It was the fine bottle of wine. What makes me say that?, hmmm it was Diageo brand from London. One of the finest wines to be tasted in all times. If you ask me did it travel all the way from London to Alki beach? I would probably say no.

Genie in the Bottle

Genie in the Bottle

More than the brand of the bottle I was Interested in what was inside. Any guesses, surely there wasn’t any wine but there was a piece of paper which had a few scribbling’s in black. As the sun set I sat alone, ready to read that piece of paper which had just made its way, out of the beach.
It read,

To my dear Love,
I love you, probably for a zillion reasons in the world but if you ask me to prove it, probably I cant. I liked you the day I saw you for the first time, you smiled and you knew right away.

But I hurt you, moved away, left you alone but trust me I have not moved on. I let you down, when I had to stick beside you and yes you may, hate me for this and may not forgive me. You tell, I just give reasons, yes there were reasons then, now and probably will always be. You are an awesome guy for any girl and I was stupid to loose you. But I had my reasons.

Do the reasons justify the hurt. No, they don’t. I will never be able to forgive myself for the pain I gave you, but there can be no one else who can possibly love you, like me.Your are not there with me now, probably what I am saying right now, may never reach you,but this is how I feel, I love you but have realized, some people just get to stay in your heart and not in your lives.

Hoping to be yours soon,and the soon is the next lifetime, Don’t want it to get delayed than this. Here’s wishing you loads of happiness all your life.

Loads of Love,

As I read, I could sense that my eyes teared, I wished, she at least had a chance to tell this in person to the man she loved the most. I wish this reaches to that special person ,i wish that person reads and I also wish that person understands her. As she said the hurt can’t be justified by saying “I love you still”, but the act of regretting your mistake can justify the love and respect for that special person.

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Walking back, i just realized, “Some people just get to stay in your hearts and not in your lives”.

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