DIY Chalk paint Christmas Ornament

By | December 13, 2016

Introduction: It’s holiday season and am sure everyone is busy shopping for the festive season. This month I will bring you guys, easy and pocket friendly DIY projects for Christmas celebrations. Today I have got an easy tutorial on DIY Chalk paint Christmas Ornaments. It’s an easy, pocket-friendly project. All you need is wooden circle from Michael’s, black chalk paint, chalk piece and some thread for hanging. I have drawn a snowflake, you can draw initials, or first letters of your name to personalize your tree.

Hope you guys have fun making this easy tutorial.

DIY Chalk paint Christmas Ornament

Materials required:

Artminds  Wood Simple shape – circle( I picked it from Michael’s it was 0.29$)


Jute thread or any thread for tying.

Black Chalk paint

Chalk piece


Step 1 Take the wooden circle and make a hole, using scissors.

Make a hole using scissors

Make a hole using scissors

Step 2 Apply a coat of Black Chalk paint and let it dry, remember to apply the coat in one direction. (vertical or horizontal)

Step 3 Let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 4 Draw a snowflake or anything of your choice.

Step 5 Tie the thread. Tie in such a way that the knot comes at the back.

Enjoy your DIY Chalk paint ornament on your tree and don’t forget to tag me if you try this project:)

Happy Chalking!

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