DIY Owl-Tissue roll Christmas Ornament

By | December 14, 2016

Introduction: It’s holiday season and am sure everyone is busy shopping for the festive season. This month I will bring you guys, easy and pocket friendly DIY projects for Christmas celebrations. Today I have got a tutorial on DIY Owl-Tissue roll Christmas Ornament. It’s an easy, pocket-friendly project. All you need is a tissue roll, card stock paper, some paint and jute thread to hang your Owl Tissue roll ornament.

DIY Owl-Tissue roll Christmas Ornament

Materials required:

Empty Tissue roll

Card stock paper

Acrylic paint

Jute thread

Glitter Glue-Silver(Optional)



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Step 1: Take the empty tissue roll and press along an imaginary mid line to make it flat.

Step 2: Just like the image in the picture, Close the sides of the flattened tissue roll.

Step 3: Paint the entire tissue roll in white.

Step 4: Cut eyes, nose, wings and feathers of the owl from Card stock paper sing scissors.

Step 5: Stick eyes, nose, wings and feathers.

Step 6: Using a brush apply glitter glue, this is optional.

Step 7: Punch the sides using a puncher or using scissors and tie the jute thread.

This cute owl made from empty tissue roll is just so adorable!This simple and yet cute Christmas ornament is just the right ornament you need, this Christmas to deck up your tree 🙂

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!



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