Eternal Love

By | December 31, 2016
Have you ever imagined Sun and moon in a relationship. They belong to the same world yet they are separated from each other by day and night. Well it’s so nice to think that they are in love isn’t it?. Just a thought, Sun burns everyday just for a glance and the moon melts away waiting.The day they unite, the world admires in the awe of their love.
 In the world called sky,
We share the same lie,
You burn red for my love,
And I have become cold in your love.
You are my sun,
With whom life is fun,
I adorn your nights,
Giving you a dream to hold on, tight.
Everyday you rise,
With a dream, so nice!
To see me again,
And dance with me in the rain.
We belong, to the same world,
Yet our fates are reversely purled,
You burn away ,dreaming,
I melt away, waiting.

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