DIY Clay Swan Candle Holder

By | March 6, 2017

Bringing you guys an easy and a pocket friendly project.If you are a person who is fond of candle holders, this is just the project you need. DIY clay Swan candle holders can be used to decorate your house on special occasions. You can use these candles to decorate Rangoli  patterns too. You need limited supplies for this project. If you have an old clay Diya which you want to throw, then wait, this is just the project for you guys!

Materials Required:

An Old Diya

Air Dry Clay

Acrylic Paints

Paint Brush


Step 1: Take the old diya and mold clay as shown in the picture.Mold the clay to form the neck, face and beak of the Swan.

An Old Diya!

Step 2: Now make two small balls and then mold them into wings.

Step 3: Finally finish it by making feathers.

Step 4: Allow it to dry for a day.

Step 5: Paint it with Acrylic colors.

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