Day 3 of my 14 Day Saree Pact

By | March 7, 2017

Day 3 of my 14 Day Saree Pact
It was my third day and today I wore a colorful Cotton Silk Saree. Pink was never my color, and I never thought,I could carry it. But here I am, flaunting this Cotton Silk Saree. This was gifted to my mom and she eventually gave it to me. I  have worn this saree a couple of times, and every time I wear, I am always complimented.:)  Cotton sarees and Cotton Silks are my one of my favorite, cause they drape so well. I enjoy draping Cottons and Cotton silks. I love collecting  cotton Sarees just like my Mom. She has a huge collection of Cotton Sarees.

I teamed this saree with some Terracotta jewelry gifted by my SIL and Silk thread Bangles I picked from an exhibition in India. It has goddess Lakshmi on the  Necklace and on the Dangles.

My love for saree’s hopefully will make me complete my pact!

Happy Draping!

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