DIY Re-purposed Tealight Candle Holder

By | March 23, 2017

As promised have got you guys yet another DIY project. I have always been fantasized by stained glass articles, they just make things so beautiful and attractive. Another thing which I am fond of or I use extensively around my house, are candle holders. So bringing you guys  a DIY which has two of my favorite parts in it stained glass candle holders and candles. These candle holders add so much element to your house and can be used to decorate just any special occasion.

Reusing has been my Mantra, and I always think twice before I throw something out. I believe if I could re purpose the same in a creative way, it avoids bringing new Stuff into my house. Here is a similar attempt of mine! Here I have used a Candle which I bought from Bath and Body works which I used this winter. Well it got over. It had serve its purpose. But instead of throwing the holder in which it came I decided to use it as a candle holder for tealights. With a slight up cycle it looks just fabulous and lights up your home in Style.

Materials Required:
An old Glass candle holder

3D outliner or 3D Adhesive liners Gold Color

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Step 1 Clean the holder. Remove all the remaining wax, and sticker by keeping it under hot water.

Step 2 Let it Dry.

Step 3 Now using 3D liners draw your favorite designs and let it dry for a day.

Step 4 Place a lit tealight candle and enjoy your re-purposed candle holder.

Bring in light in Style!
Happy Re-using and Re-purposing!

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