DIY Mandala inspired Bookmark

By now you would have already known my love for Mandalas. My other favorite are books so I found a way to merge both with this new DIY project. This is one of my favorites among all the other DIY projects. For this you don’t need a lot of supplies.Some sharpies, card stock paper or cardboard.

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Materials required:

Card Stock paper or Cardboard or blank bookmarks from Michael’s, you can find the link below

Sharpie pens of all colors

Compass and Pencil


Woolen threads two colors preferably

Mod podge

White glue


Step 1: Stick two blank marks together and punch it at one end. Now draw your favorite Mandala design using a compass and pencil.

Step 2: Color them with the your colors of choice.

Step 3: Now apply a coat of Mod podge and let it dry.

Step 4: Make the tassel as shown in the slide show.

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Step 5: Enjoy your new mandala inspired bookmark.

Happy Reading with your new book mark! 🙂

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