Amidst the Fall #AtoZChallenge 2017

By | April 1, 2017
It’s a silent dark night,
Frosting each and every surface.
Wind blowing like never before,
And the chill in the air numbing me in and out.
This winter has been harsh.
It’s broken each piece of me,
Everything in and out.
My pride, my life, my soul.

Every time I lose a piece of me,
It reminds me how important each piece is.
As I wither off silently,
There is an ocean full of emotions within.

You can break me.
You can make me numb.
Yet I stand there still,
With head held high and straight.

Not ready, to be broken again.
But to face the reality,
I stand still unshaken,
Cause I know it’s just a fall, not the end.

I will wait for the sun.
To spring again,
To bloom again with pride,
And to be in harmony again with my soul.

Amidst this fall,
There is a hope,
I will be back,
To behold my pride and soul

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