Four things to buy if you have a newborn at home

By | August 27, 2017

As a new mom with a growing baby at home, I am always reading about all the new products, toys and baby stuff in the market.With this being our first, I hope you can understand how I feel. We do a lot of research before getting stuff just like any other parent and with my experience, have listed the 4 most useful things I bought which has just helped me and also my baby.

Please note I am not related to any of these brands in any way. Writing my experience so that it helps new mom’s just like me.

I totally get it, as new and first time mom we feel like our baby needs alot off stuff, but then it’s not so, mostly they need you and your care and time. Remember our moms, they managed with none of these hi-tech toys or stuff. But then out of those zillion products in the market there are few which just eases your life and I have got them listed for you.

Graco Pack and Play snuggle suite play yard with Bassinet and changer:

This was such a life saver. This was a gift from my mom. It had a Bassinet as well as a changer which came along with the play yard.

1.It’s portable, and also light weight.

2.It comes with a lot of other stuff like a removable Bassinet, diaper changer table kinda thing, and also a built-in storage to keep diapers .

3.It grows with your baby.For the early few months you can use bassinet. Then, you can use the infant seat and then you can use it as a play yard.

4.Gentle 2-speed vibration soothes baby in infant seat and bouncer; soothing music and nature sounds, look light for check-in.

5.Push button makes closing your playyard quick and hassle free.

Kidsme food feeder:

I ordered mine from Amazon and it ‘s available in 3 sizes. I ordered the large size one. It is recommended for 4+ months. My son loves his kidsme a lot. I got to know about this from a parenting forum.
1. It acts as a feeder as well as a teether.You can put frozen strawberries and bananas which help in teething.

2.The silicon feeder can be cleaned easily and is also dishwasher safe.

3. Sometimes when we are on the run I just chop freshly cut fruits and put it in the feeder.

4. There is no choking hazard, so your tension free.

5. It also helps in improving grasping as well as encourages self feeding.

6. Grapes, oranges, different types of melons, different types berries, bananas, apples etc can be put in the feeder😀 and the list goes on🙂
However it does get cut over extensive use, is what I read in reviews but then, the one I bought hasn’t got cut yet. Even if it does get cut, you get just the silicon feeders which you can buy on amazon and use it with kidsme feeder.

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Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym
A baby play gym, I have one from Fischer Price. This has been with him from his first month.I ordered Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym from Amazon. It has a mat, a piano and five detachable toys and an arch.
1.It grows with your baby, so it was a good choice.

2.For the babies in their early months,baby can lay & play mode. Baby can kick at the piano keys and look up at a toy-filed arch. But then my son didn’t like the kicking and the music.

3. But he loved his tummy time mode, the toys could be brought down to the mat via repositionable links and he would enjoy self-discovery in the large mirror while also reaching and grasping at the variety of toys in the arch.

4. As they grow the sit & play mode, the piano swivels up, allowing baby to comfortably sit and play the piano, creating musical fun.

5. A large handle makes it easy to carry the piano for older children.

Five toys are included in the Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym; a sun mirror, an elephant with clackers, rollerball frog, soft crinkle tiger panel with ribbons and a hippo teether. The piano includes short and long-play music.

Munchkin go mash – food mashing set:

I ordered this too from Amazon and this is my favorite.This masher comes with a tight lid which is silicon base.
1. Bowl is top rack dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

2.The handheld tool mashes food very quickly and easily.I use it for mashing rice, avocados, bananas and various boiled veggies like sweet potato, carrot, beets and beans.

3. The tool conveniently sits inside the bowl so it’s hassle free to pack on the run.

4. The lid which can also be used as a base is made of silicone and the suction base helps in securing the bowl while mashing. I use it everyday and it’s my go to feeding bowl.

These are some of the things I use daily and they have made my life alot more simpler. And I will be coming up with more such posts soon🙂.

Happy Parenting!!!

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