DIY Urli

By | September 26, 2017

It’s been long that I posted a DIY, but am sure today’s project is going to compensate for all the days I went missing☺️

Today’s project is DIY Urli. Yes, Yes you heard me right! My love for Urli ranges back to years and brings back alot of memories from back home. Mumma’s beautiful brass urli! Ahh I miss those days when we would arrange flowers and candles during festival. The Urli sat near the door step on a side bright and beautiful.

Well the festival would be incomplete without our Urli.But then after moving to USA, I have missed decorating Urli, so had been searching for a good DIY. But then all my efforts were in vain cause I couldn’t find a single DIY Urli to guide me make one.

But then you know me I don’t give up so easily so after a lot of thinking  I got an idea and so sharing my DIY Urli so that you guys can benefit too.I don’t believe in spending alot so I tried to make this DIY project within 15$ with reusable materials.

Materials required:

1. An old round shape baking tray which you don’t use anymore or you can pick 1 at Dollar store for a $.

2. Spray paint: Color Metallic Copper

3. Super glue

4. Fimo effect polymer clay

5. Tooth-pick

6. Some flowers or rose petals for decoration.


Step 1 : Clean your baking tray and start molding polymer clay.

Step 2 : Select a design I have made small round and leaf shaped beads.

Step 3 : Make beads as per the size of the tray.

Step 4 : Then bake the beads at 230 F for 30 minutes.

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Step 5 : Now stick the beads using super glue.

Step 6 : Spray the paint and let it dry overnight.

Step 7 : Now enjoy by adding water and placing rose petals and candles.


Happy Crafting!






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