DIY Diwali Lantern

I know have been away for a while, but then am sure this diy will compensate. Bring in light with colour and bling this Diwali ,DIY Diwali Lantern. For this DIY project all you need is some colour papers,scissors, glue and toilet roll.

Diwali lantern project is again very close cause this is something we always made sure was there back home for Diwali decorations.

Materials Required:


Toilet paper roll


White glue

Rhine stones -optional

Satin tape


Step 1 : Cut the toilet paper roll into desired height.

Step 2 : Stick a colour paper on to the roll.



Step 3 : Now cut around 6 squares from the colour paper.

Step 4 : Fold the paper as in the image and glue the ends. Here I have used colours like orange and pink.You can choose your favorites.



Step 5 : Stick these folded papers to the toilet roll paper.


Step 6 : Now cut small long strips of paper and stick on the other end of the lantern forming a tail.


Step 7 : Finish the lantern by sticking some rhinestones.


Step 8 : Hang the lantern using a thread.Poke two holes on either side and tie a tag/tape.

Step 9 : Hang to a light source and bring in light with colour and bling this Diwali.


Happy Diwali!


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