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By | December 16, 2017

Hello people. I have been meaning to write a post from so long. We came back from India just some time back after vacationing and it took quite sometime to settle in. So today have got you guys an interesting post on Toys, yes you heard it right. The market is filled with numerous educational and developmental toys which leave you so very confused.

As first time parents we always tend to buy so many toys which just creates more clutter.

Moreover most of them end up playing with a bowl and spoon in the kitchen no matter how many toys you get them 😊 Well, we did something similar before we realised certain things about toys.

  • You don’t need a room full of toys, you need a few.
  •  ‎At a time, give only two toys to play.
  • ‎Keep rotating the toys so that they aren’t bored.
  • No toy can keep them busy for more than 15 minutes.
  • They get bored easily with toys so try to keep a busy schedule for the baby.
  • Most of the times they need you and not toys.

However there were certain developmental toys which we felt helped our baby.

So here are the ones we feel helped him(have attached links too), out of all the toys which we bought for him in a span of 1 year.

Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano

Five toys are included in the Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym; a sun mirror, an elephant with clackers, rollerball frog, soft crinkle tiger panel with ribbons and a hippo teether. The piano includes short and long-play music. 
Baby can lay & play mode. Baby can kick at the piano keys and look up at a toy-filed arch. But then my son didn’t like the kicking and the music.But he loved his tummy time mode, the toys could be brought down to the mat via repositionable links and he would enjoy self-discovery in the large mirror while also reaching and grasping at the variety of toys in the arch.

As they grow the sit & play mode, the piano swivels up, allowing baby to comfortably sit and play the piano, creating musical fun. 

A large handle makes it easy to carry the piano for older children.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack

6 months-3 years. Best for babies to learn grasp hold, shake and explore.My son does like playing with these, but doesn’t play for long. Most of the times he just holds the ring in hand and keeps banging it onto the floor. He removed all the rings but then doesn’t stack even one yet.Again colourful bright, and the topmost ring has beads within it, so he likes shaking it. It would take time for the kid to actually play with this toy, but then no doubt my son enjoys it.

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Bath toys

Makes bath time easy. After a while making them sit in the bath tub becomes so very difficult and then they start pulling the mug from your hand which you use, so these toys help them enjoy their bath while holding these bath toys.My little one still holds his bath toys while taking can small animal bath toys and while giving bath you can use them to tell stories.

Sassy Wonder wheel

6 months+ – At this age bright colors and something in motion attracts the baby. It captures baby’s attention with the spinning wheel, cascading beads and bright colors. The spinning wheel encourages baby to reach, tug, and bat, strengthening hand-eye coordination. Trapped inside are colorful beads, which help baby connect the sound to sight. The wonder wheel has multiple texture points, encouraging baby’s tactile exploration.Its frustration free cause the suction cup base attaches to flat surfaces.I have attached it to high chair and tables. My son is very fond of this toy because of the bright colors.


This was something my son enjoyed playing from the time he could sit. He learnt crawling trying to catch the ball. Even now this happens to be his favorite.

Hard cover books

Introduce hard cover books at around 12 months. The good night moon is the best it’s got colourful images. The other book I use is first 100 words book from Amazon is the other one. You can introduce this book at around 9 months.

V-tech sit to stand Walker

 Best Walker out there. This is my favorite for a lot of reasons it’s colorful, it plays fun sounds and it grows with your baby.I also love how you can take off the front piece & play with it separately. You have the option to turn it on to music or reading & if it gets on your nerves (we all have those days) you can also turn it off. It was very easy to assemble and took just a couple of minutes .And when you dont need it, its also easy to unassemble.Out of all their toys, they play with this the most and for a long time. Definitely worth the money!! 

Hope this list helped you, every toy in the market claims to help your baby with some developmental need or the other, however I believe instead of collecting a lot of toys, buy a few. Don’t forget toys can never replace your presence.

Happy Shopping:)

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