DIY User-friendly Pooja space, away from your curious toddler🙂

By | January 3, 2018

Hello readers, let’s start this new year with this easy DIY. This is a pocket friendly project,which makes a mother’s life so very easy and also looks very beautiful.

I was brought up in a conservative family with a lot of traditional and cultural values.In our houses if you don’t have a separate Pooja room it’s like all hell loose.However I always thought if good was omnipresent why do you need a separate Pooja room??.Well since that’s not the topic let’s not discuss that!! 🙂

So, when we came to USA we were again in the same situation.There wasn’t any separate space. So we put a table in a corner in the living room and made space for God who is omnipresent.

It was all good until we had our little chipmunk. The real challenge was to keep our little chipmunk away from the creator. Lighting lamps was next to impossible.😀As his curiosity rose my heart beat also rose, so I decided to remove everything and keep it inside. If it was in India, at least we had option of closing the doors of the Pooja room.

Hmmm, my routine was disturbed. Lighting lamps and praying was the first thing I did every morning for so many years and then suddenly my day felt so incomplete. So I decided to keep the idols and the photos back, but then how was the biggest question.

So after a lot of thinking I came up with a plan, we had used this idea to stick metallic photo frames which we had ordered last year. 
So here is our new Pooja room.

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User-friendly, away from our toddler, looks beautiful and also easy to clean.

However since it’s small I had to place the extra stuff like trays, Rangoli powder, chalk piece candles, cotton wicks, lamps, matchbox, haldi-kumkum trays in a drawer dedicated only for these things.

So things you need:

  • A pedestal or a platform, here I have used a white metal stand. These have no keyholes so they can’t be hanged. You can use a wooden piece of your desired width.You will find it in Home Depot or  Michael’s.
  • You need 3M command strips🙂 which you can stick to hold these stands or the wooden pieces in place.

That’s it, here I have used a 3M strip which can hold up to 16 lb weight. I have used three strips two horizontally and one vertically.
Link below:

For the lamps I had this simple candle holder sconcess which I bought from Wal-Mart for 5$.These scones were lying in the house, I had bought to hang near my Buddha painting, well now they light my Pooja space.
Link below:

That’s it my simple yet beautiful Pooja space was created and yes now I don’t worry about our young man attacking the supreme 😉

Want to end this year’s first post with a small food for thought,
“Try working out with what you have than investing on something new”.Its apt for everything and in every case!!!

Happy New year!!!😃

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