10 foods for lactating mothers

By | January 21, 2018
As promised have brought you guys yet another post on Breast milk. Today’s post is about foods that help in increasing breast milk supply. A lot of supplements are out in market which claim to help in increasing milk supply, but I think anything you take naturally is more healthier than taking supplements.Based on my experience have listed out these ten food items which help in increasing and maintaining breast milk supply.

1. Watercress seeds/Alvi seeds(Mother-in-law’s suggestion) : These seeds we found it on Amazon US.These are best for new moms as well as for everyone else otherwise. It has no climate specifications, it’s good in winter as well as in summer. They are a great source of Vitamin A, C and K. Ladoos and payasam/kheer can be made using these seeds.These are very healthy and tasty when combined with jaggery.

2. ‎Watercress green leaves(Husband’s research) : These can be found in any American grocery store. You can make Dal with this. It’s again good for new moms as well as it’s very nutritious otherwise. It’s high in protein and minerals. It can be included in Salads but I would suggest to avoid salads for the first few months.

3. ‎Steel cut oats : It just boosts your milk supply when combined with milk. Remainder these are not old fashioned oats. You can prepare it just like normal oats porridge.

4. ‎Methi/ fenugreek leaves(Mom’s suggestion) : The oldest tip of all, this was something which was cooked all most every alternate day by my Mommy dearest🙂

Again Dal made with methi leaves are very tasty and healthy too.

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You can find methi tablets available as supplements,but then I would suggest to have it naturally.

5. Sabasge/ Dill leaves(Mom’s suggestion) : Yet another oldest remedy for increasing milk supply. Again Dal can be made with these leaves. However it does have a strong smell. But then was so very useful.

6. ‎Garlic(Mom’s suggestion) : The least favorite but then, it’s one of the best. You can include in all your dishes. It keeps your body warm too.

7. ‎Pepper(Mom’s suggestion) : Again pepper is the only spice used in dishes cooked for a new moms.It increases immunity and keeps your body warm.

8. ‎Water(Doctors suggestion) : The more your body is hydrated, it helps in milk supply. Water is the key, cause most of the milk is water.

9.Apple ( Doctors suggestion) : As you all know, An Apple a day keeps a doctor away, and giving birth is no joke. Breastfeeding takes alot from a mom so replenishing her nutrition every single time after a feed is very important, and what better way than having an Apple.

10. ‎Dry fruits Ladoo (Mother-in-law’s suggestion) : These were a treat I tell you. Healthy, nutritious and tasty. It has different nuts, almonds, raisins, ghee, jaggery and edible gum

It is one of the most challenging and most beautiful of experiences to breastfeed, so eat and stay healthy.

All the Best!


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