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By | April 3, 2018

I have been meaning to do a DIY but then a family member suggested I write this post to get the word out for people who did not know about this. My home reflects me, so if you walk into my fort, you will see beautiful wall photo frames, paintings and beautiful decor.

Recently my husband for Christmas bought a photo deal on groupon, well it’s now been a long lasting tradition:) As usual, all the after work falls on me after he buys a photo book deal but then this time it didn’t turn out to be my job.

This time he had not ordered a photo album deal but a no glass, wall photo frame from PrinterPix. I did not know something like this was also there in the section of wall photo frames. Once they made their way home, my my I was awestruck and fell in love with them, such beautiful frames. Since I have a toddler at home, a no glass frame is so helpful. I happened to tell this to my family back home in India and they were like oh my god, its so very beautiful and they wanted some for them too.

That’s when my quest for these frames in India started and I found Photojanic. They have these no glass frames, with protective lamination. Since these are no glass frames maintenance is so very easy. They come all ready to be hung and it’s also an easy process. You need to upload your favorite pictures and then just wait for them to arrive. There are a couple of themes and also sizes which you can select from. My family is excited and planning to order these frames from them.

The best part about these frames is since we stay away from our parents,we have got the family photo printed on it, so that our little bub can see them and even hold them, and that doesn’t scare me anymore.

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