DIY Leaf Parrot

By | May 10, 2018

Today have got you guys an exciting project.Last year I made an environmental friendly Mandap for Ganesh Chaturthi. Recently had been to India, and happened to attend a wedding. There I saw, beautiful handmade mango leaf parrots which were used as a backdrop and I just, could not get my eyes off them.

Well, we came back and since then all I wanted was to try my hands on making this.
So here I bring you my version of making a parrot from leaves.

Materials required:
Leaves -preferably mango, but I used what I could find.
Styrofoam balls 2(1 big and 1 small)
Green tissue paper
Glue gun
Tissue paper – white
Red Sharpie marker

Step 1: Stick two Styrofoam balls as in the picture using glue gun to form the head and body of parrot.

2: Stick the green tissue paper using glue gun as in picture.

3: Use white tissue paper to roll onto the Styrofoam balls to make its tail and then stick it using glue gun. Secure it using a rubber band.

Step 4: Now start sticking leaves with the base of the leaf facing towards the neck.Continue to stick until you reach the base of the body.

Step 5: Stick three leaves in ascending order near the main vein of the leaf. Now roll the leaves to form a stick, and now stick it to the base using glue gun to form a tail.
Stick two leaves from either side to cover its head, now using the third leaf cover the remaining space in the center.

Step 6: Now make a small cone using the white tissue paper, which forms the beak of the parrot.

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7: Paint it red using paint or color it using a red sharpie marker. Stick the beak using glue gun.

Step 8: Stick the red Satin tape around the neck using glue gun.

Step 9: Stick the cloves to form eyes.

Enjoy your beautiful handmade leaf parrot. 🙂

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