10 things you should not miss doing in Kauai

By | January 5, 2019

Today have brought you guys a post on things which we enjoyed doing in our last visit to Kauai.

1. You haven’t seen a place fully, until you have tasted it. The best part of our trip and I would suggest you guys to try too, are the Kauai’s exotic fruits. Savouring the local fruits Papaya, Sugar Loaf Pineapple, Rambutan and Star fruit should be on top of your list.

Rambutan, the hairy lychee


2. Well once you have eaten, one should also drink so we tried these local drinks Kombucha, Mai tai, Hibiscus tea and the famous coconut water.
You can try all drinks other than Mai tai in any farmer markets. I felt coconut water was way to cheaper in farmers market than on the roadside.


3. Snorkelling at Poipu, well these clear waters like glass are just ideal for snorkelling. Check the tides before you step in and you can rent the gear from any adventure sport shop.

4. Watching sunsets at the beaches, probably was one of the best things we did on our trip. Sipping coconut water and watching sunset made me feel no less than a princess.
The sky never let us down and put a dramatic show for us, every evening. We loved watching sunsets from Poipu beach park. We saw some seals as well as tortoises too. It does get chilly in the night if you are on the beach, so take a light cardigan.You can rent umbrella, beach mats and folding chairs from any adventure sport shop.

5. A trip to Hindu monastery and Rudraksh forest. Well this was one of the very important reasons we visited. It is situated in one of the most beautiful places. Running stream, the big Banyan trees, the chirping of birds and then the temple in itself. Everything here was just so serene and beautiful.Will soon be writing a post on our visit to the same.

Hindu Monastery in Kauai

6. A visit to the farmers market is something you should do if you are around for a couple days.

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7. Walking through those small towns, was indeed a nice experience, tasting the local food and drinks.There are night markets too, and the entire town is lit up,with these small shops. If you are someone like me who loves art then you will surely enjoy the night markets.

8. Boat ride or any helicopter or plane ride along the Napali coast.
We took a plane ride, however we wished to do the boat ride. Since we were travelling with a toddler we were told that we could not take the child with us on the ride.We had to go in turns separately or else choose a different ride. So we chose plane ride and it was just amazing. Breath taking views, flying over the blue oceans and looking at these innumerable waterfalls and nature in itself made us feel so humble from inside.The vast Waimea Canyons and the untouched beauty Napali coast looked magnificent.

9. Watching fire and luau dance in Smith’s. This was an evening we would cherish for a lot of years to come by. The hula moves that we tried has improved our rhythm.Well if you are a vegetarian, then the options of food are less.The lyrical sway of the Hawaiian hula, the colorful precision of the Tahitian drum dances and the fiery emotion of the Samoan fire knife dance all speak deeply of the people who have come to call Kauai their home.

Smith’s Tropical Paradise

Tahitian Dancer

10. Before heading back, don’t forget to shop jewelry, sarong, the famous flower clip and Hawaiian chocolates with macadamia nuts.We shopped at coconut market place as it was near to our place of stay. Poipu beach market place is also very famous for shopping.

Hope you guys try doing these things when you are in Kauai. Kauai is one of the few places I would want to visit again.

Happy Planning!

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