My MOM, My Heart

By | May 11, 2019

What is a mom? Most people think she is there to serve us our entire lives. That’s not true. She loves us more than herself and takes care of us. I have a mom who does everything for me. It sometimes make me feel I am selfish. I love her so much. Everyday I wait for the night so that I can snuggle and talk to her. She listens to whatever I have to say. She loves it when I ask her about her own childhood. I guess its because everything was silly and funny to think about.

As we all know human life is never always happy. That’s the same thing with my mom too. She gets angry pretty easily a lot of times. That causes fight! 😣 Well, that is her way of saying I love you so much and I want you to be independent and true to your heart. But in the end we resolve things and live happily. But the reason we stop is not me saving the day, but my mother who does not want small tiny things to ruin our love for each other.

What makes me and mom similar is we both love art. It makes us both feel happy by spending time with each other. We also spend some NOT SO HAPPY times together specially when I am doing MATH, not waking up early in the morning to get ready to school even though I like my school, not cleaning up my mess and much more. And ultimately.. yes you get it. WE FIGHT! Surprisingly I am right many a times. Oh! by the way, my mom loves math so much. Almost everyday she talks about it and gives me materials to work on.

Do you like secrets? Cause if my mom gets to know I told all of you this, she is going to go NUTS! Ok.. My mom is super obsessed with her Hair. 😀 Almost everyday she does hair treatments and when she is done, she wont let me even touch her hair. Silly !!

Well, we gotta wrap this up. I just want to say moms are amazing and I love my mom to the moon and back.

-Manya Kashyap

8 thoughts on “My MOM, My Heart

    1. Rashmi Post author

      So true when you ask kids to write about their mom…this is what you can expect…Pure, innocent heartfelt love…

  1. Harish Prabhakar

    Awesome Manya!!! You are absolutely right about our Moms being selfless. A great write up!!!

  2. Dhruva

    Such a wonderful article by Manya Kashyap.
    Truly amazed with content & the way it is structured.
    Way to go Manya, keep it up!!

    Thanks a ton to Rashmi for having given this opportunity to the kiddo to express her thoughts.


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