Watercolour- Blushing Phantom

By | July 23, 2019

Continuing the Watercolour study on Butterflies and today’s pick is Blushing Phantom, aka The pink glasswing butterfly, Cithaerias pireta, found in Amazon rainforest.

When sunny, this creature seems to be a wingless bug flying with two pink spots floating on either side.When you focus on this insect it turns out to be a butterfly with almost completely transparent wings.
The reason why their wings are transparent and unique is because they do not have any scales except for a few pink ones on the lower curves of their bottom wings.

I tried painting them in different postures. Will be trying similar ones in future too. Looking forward to learn and paint more of these exotic species.

Materials required:

  • Savvanah Sohne watercolours.(Smart set 42 colour)
  • I used cold pressed 300gsm Canson xl Watercolor paper
  • Round Paint brush(Watercolour)
  • Liner Paint brush(Watercolour)
  • Pencil to sketch.

Some photos for reference:


Happy Painting!

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