Watercolour- Monochromatic Lightning Bolt

By | December 29, 2019

Lightning makes no sound until it strikes.

Martin Luther King Jr

Your work should always speak for you and not yourself, is something I have always believed in. Letting my work speak for itself,here is today’s Watercolour- Monochromatic Lightning Bolt painting.

Here, I  have used a monochromatic color, black to create the dark clouds and different shades of black by diluting it to capture the dramatic cloudy sky. In today’s painting I have used Winsor and Newton’s masking liquid to create the lightning bolt effect. 

Things to keep in mind while using the Masking Liquid:

Watercolour- Monochromatic Lightning Bolt

When using the masking liquid you need to be patient and wait until it dries after the application. Before you start painting check if the liquid has dried. Remove the liquid using an eraser once your painting dries.

Hope you guys like this painting and do try and let me know your experiences with masking liquid.

Happy painting!

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