By | December 30, 2019

Every where there is this thing going on, last day of the decade, and all and I couldn’t stop thinking. A lot of things in me has changed too, a couple strands of grey hair tops the list.

But it’s not only my appearance alot has changed in me as a person too. These ten years have been emotionally and professionally churning.

Tried new things and picked new hobbies.I have lost loved ones, I have made new friends, some relationships didn’t last the test of time and some have grown to be strong.

As I look back, ten years of memories, all the emotions, are just too much, so I didn’t want to, talk about it but when I was driving yesterday, I had one of my favorite song playing, Memories by Maroon 5 and I couldn’t stop looking back.

2010-2018(left to right)

My heart was full with all these emotions❤️

It’s a story of a girl with a white coat,
Simple,naive and beautiful,
Strong and determined,
With a heart full of love for the puzzle.

Committed to her dreams,
She marched ahead.
Picked every piece,
In pursuit of solving the puzzle.

Puzzle had her amazed.
Some pieces she put, gave her love,
Some jealousy, some success,
And some failures.

Living in a cocoon,
She lost control,
She fell hard and deep,
With her puzzle all mixed.

She was Lost,
But She had her tribe,
Some left in the middle and some stayed,
To help her solve the puzzle.

Then again, with all her grit,she stood back,
She paused this time before she picked.
The pieces she found this time,
Gave her unconditional love.


She realised one thing,
Every piece which came her way,
Just helped her to blossom,
Into the woman she is today.

The puzzle is still incomplete.
There are still pieces to be found.
But then there is no hurry,
Every thing will fall into place when it’s time.

Until then….


Picture Abhi baki hai mere Dost!

Happy Introspecting!

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