Pattachitra inspired Matsya Avatara

By | January 11, 2020

My love and interest for folk art has brought me today, to Orissa’s Pattachitra art form. Starting the series on Dasavatharam. Today’s Painting is Matsya Avatara, Avatar of Vishnu. 

Matsya in Sanskrit, मत्स्य,fish. This Avatar is the first, in the ten primary avatars of Hindu god Vishnu. Matsya is described to have rescued Manu and earthly existence from a great deluge and there are also one of the first beings to evolve on the Earth.

Pattachitra inspired Matsya Avatara

Read a little history behind Pattachitra in the below link.

Pattachitra Leaf Motif


Pattachitra inspired Matsya Avatara

I have used
Watercolour Paper Canson 300gsm
Watercolour Paints Savannah Sohne Smart set
Hoping to bring more drawings from this Art form for you guys.

Happy Drawing!

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