Watercolor illustration – Living Inside

By | March 22, 2020

Be a Super Hero by staying home.

This is an overall illustration of 21 days of living inside during pandemic Covid-19 in Seattle, USA.
#stayhome can be overwhelming in the start, but finding silver linings during these difficult times becomes altogether more important.
March 1st 2020 to this date
1. We don’t go out until its for necessary things like grocery
2. Restaurants( only take always) Malls, Entertainment centers have been shut down.
3. No non- essential travels
4. We are working from home.
5. We practice social distancing.

Living Inside

A small video note from me

Living Inside

Is it scary? Is it overwhelming?
Yes it is. But what we have to understand the way it spreads. So let’s stay home, and break the chain. Let’s follow what the Governments suggest.

I want to end this with two important things:
While it’s important to thank every front end worker , the medical staff the airport authorities it is equally important to jot down our learnings from this as an individual, as a family, as a neighborhood, as a state, as a country, as a world on the whole so that the next time this happens we are one step better in facing it.

Another is a request, to everyone who is in a privileged position , everyone who is able to stay at home without worries, to pay it forward. I feel in situations like this economy is not just about government but every capable individual citizen. Pay your maids, housekeeping staff in full and educate them about hygiene, social distancing and make them stay at home. Staying home, means nor going outside but look at yourself from the inside!

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Stay safe fellas!

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