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By | June 9, 2020

No shortcuts to Success.

As Artists we put in a lot of time from inception of an Idea to the final execution. For us it is more than just an art work, it is our heart work.❤ Off Late the most common thing I am hearing amongst my Artist friends is how their Art works (heart work) are being misused, copied with no permission prior. The atrocity of using others work by editing it under their name and then abusing when questioned about their acts.

My two cents to all those people( who are not artists)There are no Shortcuts to success.Please respect the time and effort that goes into creating art.Now let’s see what you should/should not be doing.

1. What you should do to become an Artist?
Start drawing everyday, am sure you will make it big one day and we will be there to cheer you all through the way.
2. What you should never do?
Don’t copy without prior permission, don’t say others art as yours.Not at all acceptable.

3. If others art work inspired you give due credits to that Artist.Getting to know that we inspired someone, encourages us to do better too.

Parting thoughts: We all have to start somewhere. I hope you start your journey and create your heart work. AND REMEMBER THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS.

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Happy Drawing🙂

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