About Me

Blue is the new black!

Blue is the new black!

My name is Rashmi Lingappa. Am a dentist by profession and a hobbyist. A blogger, DIY enthusast and a contributor for two Anthologies ‘Shades of Love’ and ‘Dear Mom with Love 2’ published by Arusha Books, India. I am an avid reader and an ordinary person who scribbles,nibbles and fumbles in a group.Though, am a social person and i love talking, i like silent places and love spending time in the woods. Off late have found solace in writing. Another passion of mine, recently which i have discovered is the love for the faces,i.e. i love sketching portraits and clicking portrait pictures.Cooking has been my very newly found passion,so don’t be surprised if you land up on some of my tried and tested recipes.

I started this blog to document some of my work and also share it with people of same interest. You can find posts starting from random thoughts to poetry, painting, photo and DIY and maybe some tips how you could up cycle certain stuff. I believe hands are a wonderful gift from god, that can create anything that the heart aspires.

Thank you for visiting my blog and sparing your valuable time to read it. Do write to me with your feedback/comments. If there is something you would like to see me post, i am just an email away.

Here is an article I wrote as to why i chose the title rashmiandi.

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