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Day 6 of my 14 Day Saree Pact

Day 6 of my 14 Day Saree Pact It was my sixth day and I wore blue Tissue Saree with a black crop top.This is my first time wearing a tissue saree and did not turn out to be my favorite. It was kinda difficult to drape. Accessories: I teamed this saree with some terracotta Read More


Day 2 of my 14 Day Saree Pact

Day 2 of 14 Day Saree Pact. This was my second day and I wore a black synthetic saree with a black crop top. It’s a simple saree with a beautiful border with small birds on it. The border adds an exquisite element to it. This is a special saree, it is my mom’s saree. Read More

Day 1 of 14 Day Saree pact

Day 1 of my 14 Day Saree Pact

Today is the first day of my 14 day saree pact and I have successfully completed my Day 1. Yeaterday I wore one of my favorites. I wore a designer saree from Soch. More pictures and write-up about my first day will be on my website soon! Do check it out.