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By | September 18, 2016

I clicked this Image two years back At Rattle Snake Lake, Washington! It was a Magical evening as you can see. After clicking and editing, this picture had me haunting for days! There was something so mystical and secretive that I couldn’t stop thinking about this Image. Today after so many days my thoughts about this haunting Image that I clicked two years back has transcribed itself into an Article.Do read and enjoy!

World Photography Day 2016

By | August 19, 2016

Today August 19th marks the World potography Day, but i think everyday should be marked as Photography Day. Photographs brings back those incredible memories which have passed. I am a Photographer’s wife, but then when you are with someone all the time, their passions do rub on you. :)That’s my relationship with photography and camera!

Woodinville Lavender Farm

By | July 25, 2016

Lavender color and large range of Lavender products have been my all time favorite. Woodinville in Redmond is a farm with fresh lavender and with a range of products such as Bath and Body products, cookies, gifts and much more. Farm is open all through the year, however the lavender is blooming June through August.

Little Boy Next Door!

By | July 18, 2016

I stay in a Community in Bellevue,Washington. After a long day, I was tired, kinda irritated. Probably the monotony in life, had made me like that. I got freshened up and just stepped out to sit in the patio. I saw a little one playing in the community garden. It was weird, to see him,… Read More »

Washington:The Evergreen State

By | July 16, 2016

My Port of entry to USA two and a half years back was Seattle and since then its been a home away from home.Well before I traveled, I did google a lot about Seattle and Washington. A lot of articles mentioned it, as an Evergreen State.