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Acrylic painting: “The Buddha in Me”

By | June 3, 2016

This is an Acrylic painting done by me on a stretched canvas. The name of the painting is “the Buddha in me”. This painting depicts that there is Buddha/ the positive energy in other words God in all of us. So here I have painted the half face of the Buddha in me. Just like… Read More »

Acrylic Painting: ”Truth Of Life”

By | February 21, 2016

This is an acrylic painting done by me.When I started the painting all I wanted to do was a Buddha painting for my Living room, but eventually an idea popped up and here I present you an acrylic painting “Truth Of Life”. There are only two times in the entire of our lives we will… Read More »

DIY : Terrapot with patterns

By | February 17, 2016

I always like to personalize my stuff, and this was something very similar. In India there is a tradition of having Rangoli designs in front of tulsi pots, which sadly is difficult for me here in USA. So this was one of the ways of me having the rangoli design.