Are you a Virgin

Is virginity, overrated? Am not here to support physical relationships of any sort before marriage, MY CONCERN is ignorance about the topic among young boys and girls, hypocrisy and the confusion among parents. So here is a poem and will be doing two more write-ups on the same topic.
This is a poem where in I represents both man/ a woman who is trying to express the way they feel about their past relationship.


Happy First!

Happy First, to our car. Its been a year now. You have been our humble abode for 365 days and you have given us a ton of memories. How could we not celebrate this special day! 6638 miles conquered and itched our hearts with travelogues in GOLD!
Cheers to Us!


Writer in me!

I became a writer by chance and not by choice.I hv always been a critic and a person who enjoys write-ups but a less of a writer by myself.I love reading and the current book am reading is ‘Many lives, many masters’. Writing for me started when I tried to express my love to that special Read More