I am as capable as any Man

By | October 3, 2016
Am as Capable as any Man

Photo Credits: Shilpa Lankesh

“Well,I will have you know , I am as capable as any Man”

It was 01st of May, late night when I entered your womb Mommy and my Journey in this so-called Big, Mad, Mean yet Beautiful world started. I was 18 weeks old when you drank lots of water and you went to a room and lay down.There was an aunt in a white coat standing beside you, applying something on your tummy and there was some sound.

After that I could only hear you cry. I dint know why?. I saw you and father tensed, you were talking to the aunt in white coat .Then one fine day I was sucked out. I never stayed in your womb for nine months.

You killed me mother, because I was you.

Yes,I was a girl. If you had let me be alive, I would have grown to be a Young, Beautiful, Aspiring woman with self-respect. You killed me because I was You, I was a girl. What makes me less than any man?
What made you and Daddy kill me, when I am…

    • I am the one, you worship with sincerity and faith.
    • I am the friend, you rely on, in need.
    • I am the love of your life.
    • I am your partner for life.
    • I am the one who takes care of your family,spreads love and cares for them,
    • I am the Boss at your office.
    • I am your Doctor.
    • I am your colleague at your work place.
    • I am your mother when u need care.
    • I am your sister when u need a family to support.
    • I am the one who carries an extra weight, a life inside, to just give you the joy of having children.
    • I am the reflection of you.

Every walk of your life, I am there as your lifeline. Then why is it so difficult for you to just, let me live. You need me more than I need you, because god has bestowed me with the power of giving birth to the little one. You end my life, You are ending the life of your own off springs in the coming years.
Let me say , and this leaves me with no shame, “Yes, I AM AS CAPABLE AS ANY MAN”

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9 thoughts on “I am as capable as any Man

    1. Rashmi Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Menaka:) Yes women are equally to be blamed for this heinous act.

    2. Rashmi Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Menaka:) Yes women are equally to be blamed for this heinous act.


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