Journey from No to Yes

By | October 5, 2016

Journey from No to Yes

The journey from NO to YES…

Five years back in 2011, for the first time I read a post in my friend’s blog that was the first time I ever came to know as to what a blog was, who were bloggers? And what does blogging mean? I was a life science student then and I had barely any knowledge about it. Since then, till now I have been reading blogs of my friends, my husband’s and many more.

It’s been a year now since the time I started to think to have my own blog. I also remember the conversation what me and my husband shared regarding the same. It goes like –

Me: “You know what? I want to start my own blog”.

Husband: “That’s sounds good”

Pause for 2minutes

Me: “You think… I can do it?”

Husband:” It’s not me who should think. Its you”

Me: “Hmm… I know, but who will read my blogs. Am not such a great writer!  Whatever I wrote all my life was few poems for friends, way back in college and my answer papers in exam”

Husband-smiled, paused and told only one thing “write for yourself”

This last sentence had a great impact on me and finally I decided “yes this is it. I’m going to have my blog”. Then there were bigger things to decide what will I write in my blog and how do I start.

Few days passed by and I was still stuck, I wrote some posts but then stopped myself, by telling “This is not gone be my first post, no way”.

One fine morning while taking the shower I discovered what should be my first post, I discovered what should be the theme of my blog. And yes, I did shout “Eureka! Eureka!” but I wasn’t out of the shower.

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YES! I had managed to find a theme for my blog which goes as “rashmiandi”.

You can read more about why the name rashmiandi here in the below link
Why rashmiandi?
“It dint matter which post had to be first, what mattered was I write, write and write”.

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  1. Ramya Rao

    Wow. This is such a beautiful way of starting a blog. Ah, the stories of the first are so beautiful. right? May you write more and grow. 🙂
    Ramya Rao recently posted…Fair & LovelyMy Profile


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