DIY Mandala inspired hand mirror

By | March 29, 2017

This project was very special. I did this project specially for my mom, she wanted a small hand mirror and I decided to give her mine but then, wanted to make it more special. I decided to deck it up with Mandala patterns.

By now, you guys already know my love for mandalas, so here is yet another project which is fun easy and pocket friendly. The next time you use your hand mirror to set your hair, be prepared to be stared at.😊

Materials required:
Wooden hand mirror
Compass and pencil
Acrylic paint
3D liners -gold color
Sharpie black pen
Clear Acrylic sealer


Step 1: Clean the wooden mirror
Step 2: Now using a compass and pencil draw your Mandala pattern.
Step 3: Paint it with acrylics.
Step 4: Let it dry.
Step 5: You can use 3D liners or Sharpie black pen to draw borders  if needed.
Step 6: Finally finish it with sealer.
Now enjoy your new Mandala inspired hand mirror.My mom loves her hand mirror, hope you guys like and will try this project😊
Happy Painting!

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