Baby now and forever

By | April 14, 2017

I still remember that angelic minute
When I first held you,
You were a tiny tot,
All bundled up, like a burrito wrap.

My hands jittered, as I held you,
And tears rolled instantly.
Till then I never believed in love at first sight,
And then you arrived, changing my convictions.

You smelled so sweet,
Your skin as soft as muslin,
I was so scared to hold you,
Thinking, I would break you!

Still remember, your first night with us,
You slept most of the time.
We were awake whole time,
Worrying if you would wake up crying.

Everyday you teach me something new,
Sometimes about yourself,
Other times about myself.
To see you grow, is a blessing indeed.

The way you hold my finger,
And the times when you cry,
Everything is so special,
Your coo and your smile.

Unconditional love of yours,
Has brought so much joy to us.
Thanks for choosing us as your family.
Love you baby for now and forever!

Someday, you will outgrow my arms.
You may not need me all-time.
I don’t want to while away my time thinking these
Cause, for now I want to hug you and make memories!

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