Look beyond my body

By | April 28, 2017

It’s been a constant struggle.
A struggle of 25 years!
A constant war trying to prove,
That, am merely not a composition of adipose.

Everytime you meet me,
You gauge me on my looks,
My color, hair and skin.
Aghast, my body is all you see.

Everytime you comment on me being large,
I wish,you could see how big my heart is!
Everytime you talk about my height,
I wish, you knew the heights I have reached!

When you talk about my dark skin,
You forget about the brightest of smiles I bring to the table.
When you talk about my failures,
You tend to overlook my perseverance to succeed.

Under this thick adipose, lies this amazing free soul,
A writer, a lover and a professionalist.
All in one, trying to balance it out.
A beautiful mind and a cheerful soul.

I have stories, millions of them within me,
Everything which has molded me over time.
Making me the person I am today.
But all you see is this perishable meat and bones.

I am done fighting.
Cause, now I realize,
It’s not worth my time.
But then, these are my last two cents.

When I see you talking sizes,
I feel so sad.
Mind you, not for myself but for you!
Cause there is someone else, talking about you.

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